Wisusia, capital of the great Viksorian Empire, where Mr Obadu Viks-Yei is a little too quick too fall in love with the aristocratic Lady Kalyi—surely the most perfect woman he has ever encountered. But soon Obadu and his friends become tangled in two treacherous plots against the King, leading them toward evil machinations that threaten to shake the very foundations of civilisation itself …

The Man in the Blackened House—a serialised web novel from Dr Jim Baker.

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Chapter XVII: Obadu’s Error

Obadu was in two minds about his arrangement to meet Miss Phereni Jaks-Jaksara and her mysterious sister for dinner. On one hand, he suspected the green-clad lady of some designs on him, and he did not wish to appear disloyal to Kalyi, however much (as he had heard) he offended her. On the other, it…

Chapter XVI: The Island

Obadu enjoyed the island, which sat in the midst of the lake that bordered the city to the west. He liked the lush canopies of the trees, carefully arranged in concentric circles—the expertly landscaped mounds and banks, covered in soft green grass mown not too short—the flowers in a thousand different colours, from a hundred…

Chapter XV: The Orphan and the Slave

Sig’s music room was above the front parlour. There were only three items of note in this room: the keyharp, another painting, and a cage full of twigs. Sig did not know it, but the keyharp was out of tune. She did know that several of the strings had broken. She played it sometimes, avoiding…

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