Wisusia, capital of the great Viksorian Empire, where Mr Obadu Viks-Yei is a little too quick too fall in love with the aristocratic Lady Kalyi—surely the most perfect woman he has ever encountered. But soon Obadu and his friends become tangled in two treacherous plots against the King, leading them toward evil machinations that threaten to shake the very foundations of civilisation itself …

The Man in the Blackened House—a serialised web novel from Dr Jim Baker.

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Chapter XXXIV: Love Blossoms

Sounds and pictures floated sequentially through his mind, and he could not tell which were true and which were due to the disordered impulses of the soul. He was on the ground—he was in his bedchamber, where he was in pain, and then he was not—Mimi was laughing at him … He was in a…

Chapter XXXIII: Collision

All was going well with the plan, all the pieces were in their proper place, save one—and that the most important—the King was not in his chamber tonight. Becoming increasingly certain that His Majesty was not about to appear in his bedroom anytime soon, Vice-Commander Kham-Laryin resisted the urge to swear aloud: a talent of…

Chapter XXXII: An Evening’s Activities

Mimi, needless to say, had not much enjoyed the first full day of the huntmeet. She was an alien to this world of royalty and high nobility, and all her manners and education were insufficient to allow her to navigate it as she might had she been born to such a position as her new…

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